Institutions responsible for providing citizen-oriented services have the most rational way of making their local services more accessible, cost-effective, and quickly available through the concept of a smart city. Creating a state where the significant data obtained through urban information systems, transportation systems, health, and education systems is utilized to facilitate the lives of urban dwellers constitutes the first step of the endeavor. As much as the importance of how much the systems being established facilitate life, the approach of the companies that these institutions need to acquire these systems is also crucial. Despite being a new company, the past public experiences of our company's founding team place us one step ahead. The value we primarily attribute to our employees ensures that the product they create is of high quality and meets global standards. We have initiated our work with an entirely new formation due to our disappointment in witnessing the diminishing emphasis on employee value and the erosion of ethics in truth-telling, which should be maintained under any circumstances, being replaced by capitalist ideologies by many rapidly growing and evolving companies.